Publication: Porn Studies

December 2016. Published in Porn Studies 3.4: 386–397.

The ‘gonzo aesthetic’ in gay porn: Fraternity X and Sketchy Sex

This article argues for consideration of gonzo techniques beyond the hand-held camera. The article considers other strategies at play in content aligned with the gonzo form, using gay pornography sites Fraternity X and Sketchy Sex as case studies. This broadening gesture is defined by recognition of the ‘gonzo aesthetic’ expressed in these texts. Using textual analysis, other aspects of the selected texts are considered including marketing campaigns, narrative, use or abandon of condoms, and props, all of which impact on the overall feel of the pornographic product. These techniques are considered in the context of the nominated case studies and the ways in which they help to construct a sense of the real, and also contribute to discourses of hazing and risk, among others.