Publication: Popular Communication

April 2016. Published in Popular Communication Published Online. The Todd Carney “bubbling” social media scandal In June 2014, Australian rugby league player Todd Carney had his contract cancelled with the Cronulla Sharks and received a lifetime ban from the National Rugby League after a photo in which he appears to drink his own urine in[…]

Coverage: Vice Media

April 2016. Steven Blum from Vice refers to my study of porn star Jake Lyons in his piece on suicide among gay porn performers. Brennan studies how gay porn stars are consumed and discarded by those who watch their work. When porn star Jake Lyons was succeeded in popularity by Johnny Rapid, one former fan[…]

Publication: International Journal of Cultural Studies

February 2016. Published in International Journal of Cultural Studies Published Online. Queerbaiting: The ‘playful’ possibilities of homoeroticism This article explores the concept of ‘queerbaiting’, a term employed by media fans to criticise homoerotic suggestiveness in contemporary television when this suggestiveness is not actualised in the program narrative. I confront the negative connotations of the term[…]

Publication: Porn Studies

October 2015. Published in Porn Studies Published Online. ‘Bare-backing spoils everything. He’s spoiled goods’: Disposal and disgust, a study of retired power bottom twink Jake Lyons This article uses star study and textual analysis of posts on popular gay porn blog as a means to chart the career of retired power bottom twink Jake[…]

Publication: Refractory

October 2015. Published in Refractory: a Journal of Entertainment Media Volume 26. This essay performs a queer reading of the Mordred character—that great archetype of the treacherous villain—from BBC’s Merlin (2008–2012) so as to examine his role in a series that garnered a devoted following among ‘slash fans,’ who homoeroticise male pairings. By charting the[…]

Conference: UoW

October 2015. I presented a paper at: ‘Academic Research, New Media Technologies and the Culture of Control: An interdisciplinary workshop at the University of Wollongong’ this month. This workshop brings together researchers from sociology, anthropology, information technology, law, fan studies and media studies to discuss the impact that enhanced regulatory frameworks have had on shaping[…]

Interview: Vice Media

August 2015. Fan fiction operates as a space where participants can experience sexuality and gender performance in the characters and in themselves. It’s a way to explore the sexuality of the characters they’re familiar with, but also explore their own sexuality. The nature of it means there is then the opportunity to view sexuality as[…]