Publication: Porn Studies

December 2016. Published in Porn Studies 3.4: 386–397. The ‘gonzo aesthetic’ in gay porn: Fraternity X and Sketchy Sex This article argues for consideration of gonzo techniques beyond the hand-held camera. The article considers other strategies at play in content aligned with the gonzo form, using gay pornography sites Fraternity X and Sketchy Sex as[…]

Conference: Digital Intimacies 2016

December 2016. I will present a paper at: ‘Digital Intimacies: interrogating the interface between intimate lives and calculative digital media platforms’ this month. University of Queensland (Brisbane), December 12 and 13, 2016 Following last December’s Digital Intimate Publics symposium at UQ we are again hosting a small, single-panel, two day symposium that continues our efforts[…]

Website: Readcube

Springer Nature’s SharedIt initiative allows me to publicly and legally share a full-text view-only version of my research papers. Eligible papers will display the Readcube icon, click on this to be taken to a full-text version of the article. All readers will also be able to use Enhanced PDF features such as annotation tools, one-click[…]

Publication: Sexuality & Culture

November 2016. Published in Sexuality & Culture Published Online. Abuse Porn: Reading Reactions to Boys Halfway House Boys Halfway House is a gay bareback pornography website that purports to host the recorded abuse exploits of managers of a halfway house. It is a recent addition to the genre niche of abuse and exploitation pornography sites[…]

Publication: Celebrity Studies

November 2016. Published in Celebrity Studies Published Online. ‘Jensen Ackles is a (homophobic) douchebag’: the ‘politics of slash’ in debates on a TV star’s homophobia This article analyses discourse on the DataLounge LGBT Internet forum that debates whether Jensen Ackles (star of The CW’s Supernatural) is homophobic. Textual analysis is performed on five relevant threads[…]

Publication: Sexualities

July 2016. Published in Sexualities Published Online. ‘Shouldn’t Tom Daley be a bottom?’: Homosexual stereotyping online This article uses British diver and homosexual celebrity Tom Daley as a case study to examine instances of homosexual stereotyping on LGBT internet forum the DataLounge. Through textual analysis, I consider the anonymous discourse relating to Daley in terms[…]

Conference: PopCAANZ 2016

June 2016. I will present a paper at: ‘PopCAANZ’ this month in the Fandom session. ‘Jensen Ackles is a (homophobic) douchebag’: Discourses of perceived homophobia on an LGBT internet forum This paper analyses discourse on LGBT internet forum the DataLounge that takes Jensen Ackles’ (star of cult series Supernatural) supposed homophobia as its subject. Ackles’[…]

Publication: Journal of Fandom Studies

May 2016. Published in Journal of Fandom Studies Volume 4, Issue 1. ‘If Duchamp’s toilet can be a masterpiece…’: Slash manips as fannish readymades This article performs textual analysis of works from two slash manip artists – Tumblr’s wandsinhand and LiveJournal’s mythagowood – to argue that the form can be understood as a fannish form[…]